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Championing the Fight Against Plastic Pollution in Congo- Our Ambassador In Action

Championing the Fight Against Plastic Pollution in Congo- Our Ambassador In Action

Dear FLA Community,

We are thrilled to highlight the remarkable efforts of our dedicated Country Ambassador from Congo, Innocent MWENDO TUYISENGE! He recently took part in the International Environment Day event in Goma, where the focus was on combatting plastic pollution.

The event served as a clarion call to raise awareness about the dire consequences of plastic pollution on our environment and to champion sustainable practices. It encompassed a wide range of initiatives, from impactful clean-up drives to enlightening educational workshops and engaging community programs.

Innocent, in his role as the Project Manager of IPDD ASBL, played a pivotal role in planning, coordinating, and executing this event. His responsibilities included extensive research on plastic pollution, crafting the event agenda, establishing crucial partnerships with local organizations and stakeholders, and rallying an enthusiastic team of volunteers. Additionally, he took the lead in facilitating workshops and presentations on the profound impact of plastic pollution and exploring sustainable alternatives.

Throughout the event, Innocent demonstrated extraordinary dedication by actively engaging with participants, community members, and local authorities, fostering collaboration and ensuring the activity’s resounding success.

Let’s extend our heartfelt kudos to Innocent and the entire team for their unwavering commitment to a cleaner, greener future!

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