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Waqar Ul Shams

Chief Executive Officer

Waqar Ul Shams

Mr. Waqar Ul Shams stands at the forefront of global leadership and innovation, exemplifying a lifelong commitment to societal advancement through multifaceted channels. With vast experiences spanning from technical advisory roles to active partnerships with international bodies, he embodies the spirit of Future Leaders Alliance’s (FLA) mission – to nurture and empower the changemakers of tomorrow.

Mr. Waqar’s dedicated involvement with key public institutions in Pakistan, such as the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, SDGs Secretariat, Media Department, Standing Committee on Climate Change, and the Public Accounts Committee, showcases his commitment to bridging gaps in inter-provincial coordination and fortifying grassroots interventions. His focus on bolstering information dissemination and attaining Sustainable Development Goals in Pakistan is further emphasized through his hands-on approach in streamlining consultations across various stakeholders: parliamentarians, civil society, thematic experts, and academia.

As the spearhead of the Young Parliamentary Fellowship (YPF) Program, Mr. Waqar has championed the growth and development of over 200 parliamentarians, offering indispensable technical guidance in areas crucial for governance and legislative excellence, with a pronounced focus on SDGs.

In the age of digitalization, Mr. Waqar thrives. His expertise is evident in his numerous contributions to developing inclusive and accessible digital platforms for public institutions. Beyond the creation of interactive web platforms for parliamentary factions, he pioneered the digital knowledge hub, a revolutionary platform bridging the gap between national and provincial assemblies and key stakeholders for evidence-backed legislation.

Mr. Waqar’s collaboration with renowned international entities such as UN Women, UNDP, British Council, Malala Fund, and Global Affairs Canada not only underscores his global exposure but also magnifies his pursuit of global change and betterment.

With a Master’s degree in Development Studies, emphasizing Peace, Conflict, and Development, and a Bachelor’s in Geo-Informatics Engineering from the prestigious National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Mr. Waqar’s academic journey is a testament to his passion for knowledge. His accolades, such as the NUST Rector’s Gold Medal and the 2nd Industrial Award, further endorse his academic prowess and dedication.

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